Clovis Christian Schools

​"Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from Him."

                                             Psalms 127:3


​​Direct instruction is implemented in whole group and in small group settings. Teachers form small groups and individualize lessons based on data accumulated from careful teacher observation, note-taking, student demonstration of learned skills, and student history from parent input.  The staff sends home Progress Reports every 4-5 weeks and schedules Parent-Teacher Conferences at least once per semester and on an as-needed basis.

The curriculum includes family involvement activities in the classroom and through family literacy projects undertaken in the home and connected to classroom experiences.  Homework includes Bedtime Stories at least six out of seven nights per week.  We have lists of Suggested Reading for Pre-K School children, and the Public Library has most of the titles available.

Family Literacy Projects Include:

  • Number of the Week Show & Tell
  • Letter of the Week Show & Tell
  • Creation Show & Tell
  • Scripture memory work, songs & rhymes practice
  • Bible browsing together
  • Notes, letters or cards to classmates or school staff or older students
  • Parent volunteers for classroom reading, gym play, lunch
  • Field trips
  • Technology in the home​​